Full Care: $250
•Feeding 2x daily (Between 6-10am & 4-8pm) 
•Feeding once daily (Between 6-10am or 4-8pm) 
•Feed prepared and dressed with supplements (if provided) *Feed not included. 
•Free choice hay provided during late fall and winter months (High quality orchard grass round bales) 
•Hay provided in stall 
•Stall cleaning & bedding 
•Daily health and wellness check 
•Hooves picked every other day 
•Seasonal blanketing/ fly combat-ion (if supplies are provided by owner) 
•Deworming  (if provided by owner) 

Self Care- You do everything for your horse therefore there is no charge for this option. 

*Prices are subject to change due to circumstances such as daily stalling, injuries, etc. 
*We will gladly accommodate you and your horses needs if they are not mentioned above and/or you have questions. 

-Horse holding for vet appointments or farrier appointments upon managers availability at a cost of $20 each time. 
-Blanketing fee of an additional $50 per month during the Winter months